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Pillars of Faith


Benjamin D. Richards of Dungeon Damage

Yippie! My first piece of Fan Art. Benjamin's always been a pal since I started this and it's only fitting that he gets the place of honor. Thanks Benjamin!
Alexander Lyon of Cup of Suffering

Next up is Alexander Lyon with a very cool pencil sketch of Faith. Thanks Alexander!
Emmett A. Hamilton III of Literally Speaking

Gift Art that was part of Emmett's Art Exchange program. Thanks Emmett!

Bryan Cooke

Totally unexpected Fan Art from the incredibly talented Bryan Cooke! Notice how detailed Justin's face is? A big improvement from the lacksidal treatment I give him, don't you think? Thanks Brian!
Kata of Altar Girl

When I got this one I just stared at it for a full five minutes. Faith looks so CUTE! Ah... Thanks Kata!

Al Schroeder of Mindmistress

This one comes from Al Schroeder of Mindmistress. And it's the first color image of Justin ever. Thanks Al!

Emmett A. Hamilton III of Literally Speaking

Cool pic of Justin who seems to be protecting a half breed demon girl. Thanks again Emmett!

Adam Fullerton of Wandering Trials

Black and white inks of both Justin and Faith. Thanks Adam!

Mike Perschon of Josh and Caleb

If you've been here a while then you remember me plugging Josh and Caleb by Mike Peschon. He was kind enough to donate this color image of Faith in my hour of need for which he gets a big Thank You!

Adam Fullerton of Wandering Trials

Black and white inks of both Pegasus (Eric) and Faith. Thanks Adam! Hey! Your first name is the same as my last name! Imagine that...

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